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A Dose of Courage

The Audio Publishers Association reports that audiobooks help build and enhance literacy skills in children such as fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. That in effect leads to improved reading scores. What’s more a great deal of people have difficulty reading for a myriad of reasons. Those reasons oft times include visual impairment, dyslexia, or any myriad of issues.

Despite those facts stated above, I’ve long resisted turning my debut children’s book, Dear Daughter: A Love Story into an audiobook. The reason being is that I didn’t believe it possible to find someone that could speak from my tone of love in speaking to my daughter, much less daughters across the world. Because of that, I felt like I should be the one that did the recordings. I couldn’t do it myself because I’m much too close to it. But not only that, I have a slight speech impediment and I’m a perfectionist. Because of that I’d never be able to finish the project. What’s more, I wasn’t certain that it was worthy of being converted into an audiobook from a financial standpoint. What I’m saying in that regard is that it’s an investment.

Moving along, my good friend and fellow author, Markeeter E. Knox approached me in November about turning her debut children’s book, I Scream You Scream We All Learn About Ice Cream into an audiobook. In doing so, she said that she believed that it was worth the investment because of those reasons stated above. In doing so, Markeeter advised that I do the same in converting Dear Daughter into an audiobook. In doing so, she asked if I’d actually tried to find someone that could speak to my voice. I told her that I had not. She then asked well how would I know that no one can do it if I had not yet given it a try? She said that it was especially applicable given that my daughter, Haelee had converted her books (The Rules of a Big Boss and The Rules of a Little Boss) into audiobooks. I didn’t tell her or anyone for that matter that she was right. I resultantly began my search and found David S. Dear.

David S. Dear is a voice actor and voice over artist. He brings over 30 years of theater experience to the microphone. His voice has been described as a spa for the ears. David uses that voice to tell a myriad of stories to include audio dramas, sci-fi adventures, and comedy. When he’s not recording, he can be found reading, playing games, or spending time with his family which includes two canine children. David has produced over 30 audiobooks that are available on Audible. Because of this, my daughter Haelee and I have partnered with him to deliver my voice to the world. We are working with David to convert Dear Daughter: A Love Story into an audiobook.

Dear Daughter is a collection of short love letters to Haelee as we walk through life together. This book was written to let her know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s loved. It’s also written to give women across the world hope especially those that don’t have close relationships with their fathers. Hope is a gift that this entire world can use especially troubling times. My hope is that each daughter that either reads or listens to Dear Daughter can understand what I tried to do through its publication and that you all can receive and enjoy this small token of my love.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Markeeter for giving me the dose of courage that I needed during this holiday season.


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