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Audiobooks Coming Soon

I’m excited to announce that The Rules of a Little Boss AND The Rules of a Big Boss are both going to be on a audio platform near you 🎧!!

It’s gonna be so fire when I can finally say “Siri play my book” 🎧🙌🏾

Even better is that BOTH books are being narrated by the by the same person. She totally narrates like a big sister so you’re going to love her. I won’t say her name yet but I’ll share a few clues below.

1. She has a Bachelors of Music degree from James Madison University.

2. She specializes in children’s books and educational materials.

3. She’s from Virginia like me.

4. She’s a former music teacher.

I’ll be doing a launch party with Young ExeKutive (Write a Legacy). I might even do a giveaway 🎁 🎧.

1. Will you attend my launch party?

2. Do you like audio books?

3. What’s your favorite audio book?


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