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Build a Kids Library

Those of you that follow me on Instagram might have saw me introduce, Karter Johnson on November 10, 2021. Those of you that missed it can watch the replay by going here. At any rate, Karter is the 10 year old CEO of Popcorn and Books. Popcorn and books is a reading program that encourages kids to read more and to enjoy reading. Through his subscription box Karter sends fun and exciting books to children all over the country. In the box he includes popcorn for the kids to enjoy while they read.

But not only that he recently founded his very own 501c3 called Build a Kids Library. He’s doing it for the purpose of improving literacy due to the fact that only 54% of elementary school aged children in Detroit are reading on grade level. His plan is to send age appropriate and high quality books to children throughout Detroit, MI and the surrounding areas free of charge through his nonprofit.

It only takes $10 per month or $120 to build a kid’s library for an entire year Through his program. Please just take seven minutes out of your day to listen to this young man speak during TedX Detroit. He speaks at the 1:28 mark if the clock happens to reset. If you feel compelled to donate like I did, please do so by going here. Please do so know that your donations are fully tax deductible.


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