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An Eventful Day

Today marks the conclusion of Black Children’s Book Week and it’s a momentous occasion for me. The reason being is that I will be doing my first ever in person reading of my best selling and award winning children’s book, Dear Daughter at Next Chapter Bookstore (located inside of Ben’s Boyz).

For those that are unaware, I wrote this book in an effort to clean up what I messed up (Ref: The Canton Spirituals) with my daughter in not being mindful that words of affirmation is her principal love language. While that’s the case, I wrote it not only for her but for daughters across the world to let them know that they are loved too.

I will be joined on stage by two amazing children’s books authors in Tara Hill-Starks

and Dr. Salesha Caston. Tara is the author of Grandma, I Got This and Green Go, Red Stop. The former is near and dear to my heart. Anyone that truly knows me can tell you why. Dr. Caston is the author of Mommy Loves My Little Toes. It’s a wonderfully illustrated children’s book that shares a mothers love for her son.

What’s more, today marks anniversary of debut book entitled, The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold. This book recounts the struggles that my daughter, Haelee and I went through in life with respect to the school system, judicial system, etc. It shares how we rose above all of the traps set before us and how we became each other’s heroes in the process.

And finally, Rachel Boyd, Spectrum News 1 will be on hand to cover me in a story. Haelee was so happy with the gift that I gave her in Dear Daughter that she reached out to Rachel unbeknownst to me and asked her would she cover me in a story for my birthday as a birthday gift to me (February 20th). Rachel loved the idea and asked if it were possible to document me actually reading some of the book to children and families as part of the story. I couldn’t think of a better place than Ben’s Boyz once Haelee let me know what she’d done.

Also I will be running special pricing on copies of The Unexpected Journey today only. You can grab those special via Amazon and Ben’s Boyz only.


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