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A Night to Remember

I’m a big fan of West Charlotte Recreation Center (WCRC). They hosted their first ever father daughter dance yesterday evening. It was entitled Magical Moments and it had a unicorn theme. I personally thought that it was a great opportunity for fathers to have fun with their daughters and get to know them better. That’s why I wanted to make sure that not only my daughter, Haelee but all of the daughters and their fathers in attendance had an amazing time. And I believe that they did.

We kicked off our dance by trying out some of our moves in Captured Moments 360 Photobooth. My wife, Vanessa couldn’t let us have all of the fun so she jumped in too. If that wasn’t enough, Mr. Houdini’s Magic Show was utterly mind blowing. We haven’t been able to figure out any of his tricks despite using Google. Mr. Houdini is a motivational speaker and the only African American Escape Artist in the United States. You can read more about him by going here.

Moving along, I would like to extend my upmost respect to Charles Young (Facility Manager, WCRC), his staff, his peers, and their network of performers for making yesterday possible. And most of all, thank you Charles for entrusting me to deliver a message of fatherhood as the keynote speaker and storyteller. I won’t ever forget what he did for his community. He truly is a hero and he has a beautiful family. Those of you that missed my keynote, can watch the replay by going here.

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