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A Christmas Tradition

I’m a creative so I developed a Christmas Tradition with my daughter when she was much younger. We gift each other personally selected Christmas Ornaments for one another in secret. She uses her own money to buy one for me and sneaks it into my stocking and I do the same. We place them on the tree the following year and start all over again. 🎄

I didn’t always let her pay for mine though. You see what I used to do was give her the money and let her buy one for me in secret. I began to make her use her own money to buy mine a few years ago. She was completely apprehensive about doing so that first time. I asked her if she wanted to keep the tradition going and she said that she did. I told her that we could only do it if she was willing to sacrifice something for me as I do her daily. She said, “Okay fine but it can’t use up all of my money” and she agreed to start using hers as opposed to mine. She even asked me to keep hiding the Elf on the Shelf so that she could find it like she did when she was much younger. Our secret ornament exchange is always my favorite Christmas moment and gift. I’m allowing you all a snapshot into it in this video. I pray to carry it forward when I become a grandparent in the far away future. I also pray that she carries it forward after I’m long gone.😇

Contained within is a few our favorite ornaments throughout the years. The ornaments themselves are representative of the love that exists between she and I not only at Christmas but daily. ❤️

Do you have a special tradition that you keep for Christmas? Please share in the comments if so. If not what’s your favorite Christmas memory or gift? 🎁


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