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Vanessa: The Inspiring Force

Quin Walter's (Actress House of Payne) latest YouTube Series, "Mommy Confessions," has been making waves across social media. She challenged her audience to recognize and tag a woman or mother who inspires them in the most recent episode. I responded immediately to the call to action in tagging my wife, Vanessa. It happened upon me that a simple tag doesn’t do justice to her. That's why I've chosen to create this dedicated post, solely focused on honoring her and all that she represents to me.

Vanessa is my daily inspiration. She goes beyond the role of a stepmother and embraces the role of a true mother to my daughter Haelee. Vanessa’s dedication and love have transformed Haelee from being solely my daughter to being our daughter. She’s in fact the secret ingredient that has shaped me into who I am as a writer, business owner, and man today.

Vanessa does this by ensuring that I never reach my limits, going the extra mile behind the scenes and lightening my load when things get tough. But that's not all - she also serves as a nurturing figure to many students at Shaw University, some of whom were even part of our wedding party. Simply put, she is the most amazing woman that I know.

Quin replied, "Wow! What a beautiful tribute. Blessings to you all." On that note, I now challenge you to do the same in sharing what woman or mother inspires yourself personally. You can do so in the comments below or simply by emailing me. I look forward to hearing your stories.


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