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The Rules of a Big Boss 🎧

The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love was my first ever book. I wrote it to help myself heal from trauma and to also help others improve their self-esteem. I’ve won an award for it from @literarytitan and a few other places 🥳.


It‘s been converted into an audiobook and it’s narrated by Kiea Dixon. Kiea is a narrator, professional singer, and she’s from Virginia like me 😁.


Kiea has a total big sister vibe. Take a listen for yourself if you don’t believe me. And best of all, she narrated my other book, The Rules of a Little Boss: A book of self-love too. You can purchase copies of both of them from Walmart (Kobo), Apple, Chirp, Authors Direct, Scribd, and several other places 🛍.


As an added bonus I will give away a free copy of both audio books to whoever can guess what part of Virginia I’m from. Family members can’t participate though. Happy guessing.


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