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The Friendship Tree

Michelle Knight was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Michelle, a retired veteran, wife of a retired veteran, and a proud mother of three, one of whom serves in the U.S. Army, seeks to uplift, and support others through sound, inspirational advice, and wise words of encouragement. With her wealth of life experiences and a strong interest in inspiration-based hobbies, she aims to be a source of motivation for children as well as young adults. You can read more about her by going here.

Ms. Michelle is the author of The Friendship Tree. It’s a story of a young lady who learns to identify what true friendship looks. With her moms guidance she learns the difference between a leaf, branch, and a root, within the cycle of life’s friendships.

It reminds me a lot of what my dad told me about when I was in the 6th grade as he was teaching me about friendship. I never knew where he got the message from but I thought that it was profound. I learned through reading Ms. Michelle’s book that it’s actually Biblical in nature.

The Friendship Tree is a hidden gem that I believe that we can all identify and agree with because it’s very true to life. Because of that it’s my new favorite children’s book.

You can experience it too by ordering copies from either Amazon or her website. It comes with her autograph and special goodies if you order it from her website so choose wisely. Congratulations Ms. Michelle.

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