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Sharing a Local Gem!

Paupers Books and More shines brightly in Clayton, NC, but it's not your typical bookstore. CDs, comics, vinyl records, and a treasure trove of more await you! Can you believe the genius behind the name? It just clicks, right?

My dad and I swung by with some new marketing swag (business cards, rack cards, and flyers) yesterday afternoon. You can check out the unboxing excitement by going here. And guess what? We also hooked them up with copies of our own books! They were happy to grab 'em and pop them straight onto the shelves. Now, we've got our babies on display, ready for you to adopt.

If you're around Clayton, you HAVE to hit up, Paupers Books and More. You can find them right next to Lowe's at 11731 US Bus. Hwy 70 W, Clayton, NC 27520. And guess who's probably hanging out there? Me and my dad, of course! It's the ultimate go-to for comic books and way more. See you there!


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