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Paint Night With Sistahs Who Care

Kaleisha Council is the Founder and Executive Director of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entitled Sistahs Who Care (SWC). Their core values are honesty, consistency, open mindedness, integrity, respect, and dependability. Their resulting mission is to provide basic needs and activities to uplift and encourage no or low-income women, men, and children through volunteer support and partnerships with community organizations. You can read more about them by going here.

FMF is the largest housing and services provider for homeless families in Durham, NC. They provide temporary housing, case management, skills education, and connections to community resources to help families in need strive while they're in their care and beyond. You can read more about them by going here. FMF teamed up with SWC to give their residents a night of hope and empowerment on February 24, 2023. Best of all, my family was invited to tag along as volunteers. We painted the night away, laughed, broke bread together, shared and listened to stories of inspiration in honor of Black History Month.

We learned through the above experience that the ladies of FMF are more talented artists than any of us. I mean they literally put us volunteers to shame through their craftsmanship. I personally tried to barter with one of the ladies in getting her to trade paintings with me. I was pleasantly surprised when she said that she would do it. I responded by saying, “I was only kidding. I’m here to give and be of service. I’m doing that very thing by hanging out with you and your friends tonight. And I appreciate you for letting me do that. I wouldn’t ever take anything away from you especially something that you worked so hard to create. But if I change my mind I know I can come to you right?” as we both fell out laughing.

We so appreciate what SWC and FMF are doing in the community and the world around them in giving people hope. That community is a place that we call home. On that note, we as The Rules of a Big Boss LLC are most looking forward to hanging out with them again and soon. I mean why not considering that they know how to host a party with a purpose and community focus?


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