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Next Chapter Bookstore and Giftshop

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Haelee and I stopped by Next Chapter Bookstore and Gift-shop (Next Chapter) to drop off additional copies of our books.


Nextchapter is run by Sherricka Carpenter-Stanley and it’s located inside Ben’s Boyz. She is an author, publisher, and God fearing woman who’s based out of my hometown of Greensboro, NC. You can read more about her by going here.


Ben’s Boyz is the first black owned restaurant in the prestigious Friendly Shopping Center. It was created as a brand to fully serve the community. I couldn’t walk out of Ben’s Boyz without also grabbing myself something to eat. Now I don’t know who put their foot in my to go plate but kudos to them. The whiting and the green beans put my Granny’s (R.I.P.) to shame. You can read more about Ben's Boyz by going here.


Thank you Ben’s Boyz for feeding my belly and for spotlighting local authors such as my daughter and myself. And kudos to you for giving your employees the next several days off as a mental health break. You deserve all of the roses.


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