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New Baby Coming, New Baby Here

New Baby Coming, New Baby Here is written by Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant. The story is told by a 5-year-old orator named Alisa. She has no idea what to expect when her parents bring her new baby sister Claire home from the hospital. At first, she is enamored by her but reality sets in, and things become more difficult than she anticipated. She must learn to share her toys, attention, and parents’ love. However, as Claire grows, Alisa learns that all of the hard work, life changes, and sacrifices are worth the joys of being a big sister. 

I had the pleasure of sitting in the room while Sheryl read this story to a room full of students. The kids including myself were enthralled and amused by Sheryls ability to tell a story of motherhood and sisterly bonds. I purchased a copy while she was leading the kids in a craft activity.

Sheryl taught the students how to create a family flower using nothing more than construction paper, pipe cleaners, markers, their hands, and glue. After that, she had each one of them place the names of their family members on the respective petals of their flowers. I dug into my own personal ebook immediately thereafter and I couldn’t have been any more thrilled and amused in my purchase. My favorite part of the story was Sheryl’s facial expressions as her husband zoomed through traffic. I could identify with it because I’ve been there. With that in mind, its as if I was there reliving each hilarious moment along with them. I suppose that I could be considered a fly on the wall in that aspect. At any rate, I say all of that to say that all families with daughters should have this beautifully illustrated story of family bonding on their bookshelf. In making a purchase, please be sure to book her for a reading and craft activity particularly if you happen to be a children’s educator. I promise that your students will go home with a smile on that day and that they’ll beg her to come back and read her second critically acclaimed book, My Daddy Doesn’t Need a Cape. Oh yeah and the eBook is free on Amazon today and tomorrow for #MothersDay. You can grab your copy by going here.

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