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February 4, 2022 was special for me because it gave me a chance to make a moment in black history. I got to do it with my Dad by my side. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not because he’s super annoying. Anyway, my dad told my principal that I had two important events that day so I wouldn’t be able to attend school. My principal agreed so he gave me an excused absence from school.

The first event was a trip to Asheboro, NC so we could appear on Dave and the Borrowers Podcast. The podcast is an open table discussion between Randolph County Librarians land movers and shakers in the community. Their goal is to provide perspectives about current events that reflect diversity, equity and open-mindedness. They invited me and my Dad to be their first guests of Season 3. We had so much fun recording it outside of my dad mansplaining what I said at times. What was even cooler is that they sent us the audio file so that we could listen to it and provide our feedback before they published it. We think that you’ll have fun listening to it too.

Brianna Perkins, Founder, Lit for Black Kids believes that black children deserve to be seen in the books that they read. Because of that she hosts an annual read aloud series for black authors in celebration of Black History Month. She hosted 80 authors last year and she’s hosting 100 this year to include me. I got to read my award winning book, The Rules of a Little Boss on day four of their series to finish up my day along with some other children’s authors.

Me and my dad couldn’t make it back home in time from Asheboro so he had to pull over so that I could broadcast from the car. Please forgive our audio and visual issues because of that and enjoy the replay. Please also be sure that you’re following Randolph County Library and Lit for Black Kids for more moments in black history, diversity, and inclusion. Oh yeah and please feel free to invite me to more events during the day so I can have more excused absences 😂.

Oh yeah and thank you Ms. Brianna, Sam, Lexie, Savvy, and Mr. Dave for having me.


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