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My Storytelling Journey With IngramSpark

I received a message from Jeanice McCord, Digital Marketing Manager, IngramSpark on August 15, 2023. She extended a special invitation for me to join IngramSpark in their “Why I Publish Series.” The aim behind the series is to spark of inspiration worldwide and encourage everyone to discover their own path to publishing. It’s also a platform to shine a spotlight on talented but lesser-known authors and publishers who share IngramSpark’s ethos of “Share Your Story” with the world.

Jeanice presented me with a series of thought-provoking questions that left me deep in contemplation. Her comforting assurance that there was no need to hurry allowed me to craft responses straight from the heart, at my own pace. One particular question, “What makes you unique as an author?” really made me reflect. My answer to this question is captured in this clip, which I’m excited to share with you!

But here’s the big reveal: The full interview launches today, September 1, 2023, at 12:00 PM CST! I invite you to tune in and witness this insightful conversation by going here.

Even more importantly, I hope it sparks a fire within you to embrace your own storytelling journey. Let’s inspire each other to share our stories with the world!


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