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My Dad is Fantastic

Igloo Books specializes in creating great quality adult and children’s book. Their books are published in 36 languages and sold in 58 countries. Igloo Books employs a team of over 140 passionate, talented, driven, and inspiring authors, illustrators, editors, etc. One of their books is entitled, My Dad is Fantastic. In this book, Little Puppy and his Dad make a complete mess at breakfast. They also went on an adventure to find buried treasure.

I laughed and smiled all the way through because their escapades reminds me of my Dad and I. The two of us used to go on nature walks to find treasure, feed the ducks, and do all types of silly things. My favorite part of the book was when Little Puppy and his Dad made a mess trying to cook breakfast. It reminds me so much of me and my Dad because we make messes too. Those messes are mainly his fault but I digress. My stepmom gets so mad because she mad because she claims that we leave the messes for her to clean up.

My Dad is Fantastic heavily relates to me because it puts a child’s perspective of their father into words and illustration. I’m sure almost certain that every child can relate to it as I did. I mean what child hasn’t sat on their Dad’s shoulders and felt like they could touch the sky?

Congratulations on a wonderfully written book Igloo Books. And thank you Liberty Public Library for another fantastic read.

5 ⭐️'s




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