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Lit for Black Kids

Lit for Black Kids believes that black children deserve to be seen in the books they read. Because of that, they host an annual read aloud series for black authors in celebration of Black History Month.

Brianna Perkins is the founder of Lit for Black Kids. Ms. Brianna set out on a mission to amplify the voices of Black authors in February 2020. She partnered with Scholastic, Inc. for their Share Our Stories initiative and used her platform to enable more than 80 Black authors to share their books via live read alouds. I didn’t get to participate because I didn’t know anything about it until Kim C. Lee told my dad about it. My dad told me about it as he was submitting my book, The Rules of a Little Boss in hopes that it might be selected. He said to me that it would be my own personal Black History Moment if Ms. Brianna said yes and she did.

I’ll be having my own Black History Moment on February 4, 2022 as I get to read The Rules of a Little Boss on IG Live with Lit for Black Kids. I hope that some of you can tune in to hear me and other authors like Ms. Kim, Ms. Sherricka, and Ms. Zinet make our own Black History Moments. You will see black authors that have participated in the past if you scroll to slide two like my Aunt Cheryl. Perhaps I can be on slide two after I make history. Thank you Ms. Brianna and Black Kids Lit for giving me a chance to read my book. And thank you Dad for helping me to create my own moment in Black History.


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