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Meet Frankie Jordan

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Kim C Lee is a literacy advocate, children’s book author, content creator, and educator. Kim writes to illuminate the perspectives and experiences of African American children. She released her first children’s book, The Night Owl, in July 2020 and followed it up with a second book, Meet Frankie Jordan, in January 2021.

I initially purchased this book for my daughter while visiting Ben’s Boyz. I’m nosy so I couldn’t help but read it despite it being a children’s book. I was blown away by the richness of the illustrations particularly the famous faces in art. I subsequently had to go back and purchase a second book for myself in support of Frankie. But not only that, I purchased a copy of the accompanying coloring book as well. I made a mistake in that regard because my daughter asked why I didn’t grab a coloring book for her as she snatched mine out of my hands and claimed it as her own. I mean she’s 14 years old so who knew that she still enjoyed coloring? At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed my first and second introduction to Frankie Jordan. I imagine that the book will be a part of a series. Given that sentiment I most look forward to what lies ahead for Frankie in her adventures.

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Those of you that don’t live in the Greensboro, NC area can grab a copy by going here.


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