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Juneteenth Joy: A Memorable Celebration With my Dad

Today is a day that's extra special for me and my dad. We're about to embark on our very first Juneteenth Celebration, and let me tell you, we are beyond thrilled! We're joining our amazing friends at Liberty Public Library for this incredible event. We've always wanted to go in the past, but you know how life gets busy and stuff keeps popping up. But guess what? This year, my dad made sure to clear our schedules because he understands just how important Juneteenth is, not just for African Americans, but for our entire country.

So let me school you on the history behind Juneteenth. In 1865, Union Troops rolled into Galveston, TX and made the announcement that slavery was finally over. That monumental moment is what we now celebrate as Juneteenth, and guess what? It became an official federal holiday on June 17, 2021. The celebrations are off the charts, y'all! We're talking concerts, festivals, cookouts, and meaningful conversations happening all across the United States.

Now, let me spill the tea about the awesome celebration going down at Paul Henry Smith Park in Liberty, North Carolina. Liberty Public Library is hosting this celebration and you won't even believe all the amazing things they have in store for us. The generous folks at St. Stephens Missionaries and Vons Grill are making sure all the kids and teens are well-fed. And here's the best part—it's all free. No child will go hungry this weekend, thanks to them. But that's not all! We have an incredible lineup of local vendors like Brown Girl Collective, Spark Nutrition, me and my dad representing The Rules of a Big Boss.

But wait, there's more! The organizers have gone above and beyond to ensure that families can create lasting memories together. They've planned a ton of super fun activities that are suitable for everyone, no matter their age. Get ready for an exciting water balloon bash, lively soccer and basketball games, and so much more! And if that's not enough, my dad and I are going to give you a sneak peek of his upcoming book, Joy Comes: A Story of Fatherhood. He's the author, and I'm the editor. We're bringing you a little taste of what's to come.

A big shoutout to the hardworking folks at Liberty Public Library and their dedicated team for making this event happen year after year. Can you believe it? They're entering their third year of organizing this cherished celebration, and my dad and I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this beautiful community experience, celebrating and honoring African American heritage.

So, how are you planning to celebrate this weekend? Please join us at the Paul Smith Henry Park so we can all make memories together if you don't have anything else to do today. The park is located at 519 W Brower Ave, Liberty, NC 27298.


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