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I Fit In Just Right

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

I Fit In Just Right is Sherricka Carpenter Stanley’s debut book. She’s is no stranger in this literary space as I previously highlighted her in a review of her second book, Through Our Eyes on March 19, 2022. At any rate, I Fit In Just Right took me as a reader on a journey of how what I presume to be a 8 year old boy fit into his family circle. This is accomplished by highlighting members of his family on both the maternal and paternal side and his relationships with each. My favorite parts of the book were the beginning where he highlighted the beginning of his life in laying close to his mothers heart and the conclusion where he brought it all together by showing the entirety of his family while exclaiming that he fit in just right.

This story is brought to life through Audeva Joseph’s illustrations. I’m not exactly certain but I’m pretty sure that the orator is Sherricka’s son and that the rest of the cast are her husband, their other children, and their respective families on both sides. I say that because having met her and her family, I believe that I’d recognize them whether they’re in illustrated format or not. And if so, Audeva did an immaculate job with their caricatures.

Moving along, I Fit In Just Right is specifically made for any young child that wants to have discussions on community, love, belonging, and their diverse lineage. That in itself makes me want to trace my own tree despite being a well seasoned adult. That in and of itself is the true magic of it. Congratulations on an excellently written debut book Sherricka.

5 ⭐️‘s

Those of you that are interested in owning a copy can shop for it at Ben’s Boyz, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the authors website.


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