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Happy Birthday to Me

Today is a momentous day. I say that because I’m not only celebrating my birthday, but it’s also book release day. The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold is a memoir that details how I risked it all to protect and provide for Haelee. Readers will learn how I survived brokenness, criminal prosecution, discrimination, reprisal, and unemployment to come out gold.

I totally exposed Haelee and myself in the sharing of this memoir. I did so to free us from the chains that have bound us. But not only that, we did so to help free others from whatever pains that they might be experiencing.

Be sure that you grab your popcorn and put on your seatbelt because President Obama had to come to the rescue.Readers will find out about that in Chapter 7.

Also as a special treat, Haelee and I decided to offer 43% off of The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love in celebration of my special day. Please note that this sale ends this weekend so please take advantage of it while you can.

At any rate, please enjoy the promotional videos that we put together. And happy birthday to me.


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