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Grandma I Got This

Tara Hill-Starks is a native of Asheboro, NC. She earned an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Catawba College. Mrs. Hill-Starks is an educator at heart hence she formerly taught business education at Guilford County and Randolph County Schools prior to relocating to South Carolina. She now serves as the Director of Testing at Horry-Georgetown Technical College.

Mrs. Hill Starks is also the author of, Grandma, I Got This. This book is inspired by the teachings that she received from her grandmother as a young child. It features her son JJ as the orator and the titular character. JJ learns invaluable life lessons from his adoring and wise grandmother throughout the story. These lessons include the importance of diversity, giving to others, and taking care of your things. The prevailing question is will JJ hold true to those values when Grandma ultimately passes away? Another question is what can we learn from grandma in reading this story ourselves?

I had the pleasure of purchasing a paperback edition of this book from Ben's Boyz on November 13, 2021 without realizing that it also came in hardcover format. I happened upon this discovery while visiting the Children’s Room at Randolph County Public Library on January 14, 2022. I wanted the pleasure of reading the hardcover in my hand hence I checked it out along with a few other books. Grandma, I Got This speaks to the essence of who and what I am at my core in being a grandmas boy. The only people that I hold in higher regard are the Holy Trinity and my daughter. While that’s the case, my Granny was and will always be in a special class all by herself. Part of my mission in life is to make it to her part of Heaven so that I can hug her again and ask her if I made her proud. Her hugs gave me life, grace, strength, assurance, and love. Grandma, I Got This was akin to one of those hugs for me except in this case it was more of me hugging her in love as opposed to her hugging me. On that note, it was absolutely my blessing to borrow and purchase a copy of Grandma, I Got This. I also appreciate Mrs. Hill-Starks for granting me permission to read her book on my Instagram Live. Those of you who missed it, can watch a replay of it by going here. Thank you for the gift of this book on behalf of all grandmas boys. Those of you that don‘t have a Randolph County Public Library Card but that would like to grab a copy of Grandma, I Got This or would rather learn more about Mrs. Hill-Starks can do so by going here.

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