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Go Visit the Library

Haelee and I would like to thank Tammy Baggett and staff at Durham County Library. They allowed us to borrow their colorful, festive, and decorative, children’s room to do our first public reading of Brown Girls Have Superheroes Too. We concluded it by having a fun and empowering craft activity with the children.

Sarah Rudlang of Spectrum News was on hand to hang out with us and cover us in a story regarding the event. We had a fabulous time throughout but it was truly bittersweet. I say that because it was cold and rainy all day. But not only that, the star of the show wasn’t able to attend due to an emergency. That put a damper on things but we all learned how to pivot and have fun while doing so.

We couldn’t have done this without special efforts from Tina Economou, Melissa Fernandez, Laurel Jones, and Claudia Aleman-Toomes of Durham County Library in addition to the editors at Soectrum News.

We look forward to partnering with you all again to tell the conclusion of this story in 2023. Until then, we hope that you each have a fabulous remainder of the holiday season. Be sure to check the Durham County Library’s Event’s Page for more news in that regard. By the way did you know that the newly renovated main library has a video gaming area, assistive technology area, recording studio, a small business office and so much more? The small business office is specifically set aside for entrepreneurs and those that aspire to be one. The recording studio is as space for recording music, editing videos, and podcasting.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a library card and go check them or your local public library out already.


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