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From my Dads pen to my Tribute

Dear Daughter: A Love Story isn’t just a book my dad wrote for me, it’s a gift of love that shines for daughters everywhere. It’s a collection of letters that I hold dear since it was a Valentine’s Day Gift in 2022.

Inspired by his example, I’ve written and published my second children’s book, Everyday Heroes: Real People, True Heroes. Set in the magical Castle Academy, it’s a journey through the eyes of those who make our world a little brighter everyday. It’s a celebration of the unsung heroes around us, and a reminder that acts of kindness echo forever. I dedicated the first copy as a gift to my dad, the hero of my personal story.

Everyday Heroes is now available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online retailers through this link. And as a special treat, if you purchase it from my website and sign up for my mailing list, you'll receive a free copy of my award winning debut children's book, The Rules of a Little Boss.

Happy reading, and I hope that your Father’s Day Weekend was filled with cherished memories, just as mine was, spent in the company of my dad. I invite you to share photos of featuring the father figures in your life. Those shared moments might be featured in an upcoming post or story. In the interim, I invite you to enjoy photos of my dad and I from over the weekend.

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