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Forged by Fire

Updated: May 25, 2021

I was given custody of my one and only daughter in June of 2010. It was the happiest moment of my life with the exception of the day that she was born.

I had to learn how to do her hair 🤪, talk to her about boys 🤮, talk to her about pregnancy and her menstrual cycle 🥴, and help navigate her past bullying, sexual assault, and low self-esteem 🥺😱🤬.

I was disenfranchised because I felt as if she and I both got a raw deal in life. I felt completely burdened by it all because our journey correlated with so few others. There was literally no one that I could go to at the time for advice nor counsel because our situation was so unique and Unexpected. I had no where else to turn in most cases other than to ask God. In doing so, I often asked, “Why me, why us, etc?” with tears in my eyes.

He never once verbally answered my questions and it was frustrating because I’m one of those people that has to find the logic in everything. While it wasn’t immediate he answered my questions through sight instead. The answer was that my burden would be a blessing for my daughter, myself, and several others. His answer was that those burdens would be the blessings of purification so that she and I can withstand any Fire and proclaim His goodness. But not only that it would forever bond she and I together as the best of buddies.

An example of us being best buddies occurred last night when she asked me did I want to sit down and have ice cream with her at the kitchen table. I started to say no given that I’m actively working to lose my Covid 25 but her invitation was bigger than that so I joined her and relished the moment.

This is what The Rules of a Big Boss is all about and that’s why her tagline is “Forged by Fire.” Please be mindful that she’s the pilot while I’m only along for the ride. Stay tuned for more….


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