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Forged by Fire

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Several of you are already aware that Haelee and I are working on a book together. The book is entitled The Unlikely Journey: Fire and Gold. It is a short autobiography that recounts how I risked it all to protect and provide for her. It builds upon the baseline that was established in The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love. This new book goes deeper than its predecessor in that it recounts how she survived bullying, sexual assault, and multiple attempts on her life. Its readers will learn about how she and I survived brokenness, criminal prosecution, reprisal, and unemployment only to come out gold. But not only that they will learn how President Obama and the US Department of Education became involved in our story. The book is scheduled for release on February 20, 2021.

Haelee took it upon herself to rebrand her business with a tagline of "Forged by Fire" as an output of both books. She did so with the insight of how she and I survived those difficult circumstances and came out stronger. She and I commissioned a graphic artist, Sterling M. Harrel to couple the tagline with a lion. She did this with the symbolism of a look back towards how she discovered the lioness her in The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love. She and I are representatives of the lion and the tagline that is displayed below.

What's more, Haelee took it upon herself to design new products in anticipation of the release of our book. You can grab several of those products now in anticipation of it's scheduled release. Happy shopping, please feel free to reach out to us with whatever comments or concerns you may have, and finally Happy 2021.

With Love,



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