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Father’s Day Fun

My daughter, Haelee (not pictured) and stopped by the dollar store following our workout yesterday. Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant (also known as the activity author) sent us on a mission to gather materials so that Haelee and could spend time together creating crafts. The crafts are based off of my award winning children’s book: Dear Daughter: a love story. What I didn’t know, was that I was going to throw everything in the bag and go for broke in the dollar store. I kid you not when I say that I literally purchased one of every craft in the store that we didn’t already have at home.

I’m so looking forward to this afternoon so that Haelee and I can try out all of these fun crafts. Sheryl and Haelee both told me that they know that I’m going to struggle with one of the crafts in particular just as her husband, Erik did. On that note they told me that they look forward to watching me hopelessly flail away. Notwithstanding I’m up for the challenge in proving them both wrong in masterfully completing all of the crafts. As a matter of fact, I’m so confident in my ability to do them that I’m going to document our efforts on Instagram Live this afternoon. There will forever be immortalized amongst the great fathers of yesteryear.

Okay if you haven’t figured it out yet, Haelee nor I take ourselves too seriously so our father/daughter craft time will be replete with shenanigans, love, quality time, and laughter. Those of you that don’t already follow me can find me and bare witness to the fun by going here. I hope that some of you Dads will join me in doing these crafts and spending quality time with your children especially your daughters. And last but not least you can find Sheryl’s heartwarming craft video and instructions by going here. Let’s get crafty and Happy Fathers Day to all of you dads out there particularly Erik Oliphant.


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