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Editorial Reviews for Children’s Book Authors

I’ve long resisted the urge to add professional book review services to my and my daughters portfolio of services. The reason being is that I struggle with imposter syndrome as I’ve shared before. But not only that I don’t like being held accountable for some things given that I have a full plate as it is. Notwithstanding some friends of mine shared with me that I’m definitely good enough. As a matter of fact one specifically said, “Dedrick this is a great service. I’ve checked out your reviews and they are explicit. You should definitely do and charge for them. I am sure lots of Authors would gladly pay for your services.”

Given those aforementioned sentiments I’ve decided to expand our portfolio to include professional book reviews for children’s book authors. These reviews will be posted to our blog and socials. They will also include something random like a photo or video with me and the book or whatever my creative mind thinks of. Finalized reviews will also be sent out to our email list of over 900 subscribers which includes public librarians. You can purchase a professional book review by visiting our online store by going here.

Again please note that professional reviews are limited to children’s books only. Check out some of the books that I’ve professionally reviewed in the gallery below. You can revisit some of those reviews by checking out the related posts or browsing through the blog. As a plus, the authors themselves have given my reviews 5 ⭐️’s.


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