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Discover the Magic of Joyful Reading

Joy Comes: A Story of Fatherhood made its heartwarming debut in Greensboro, NC, at Next Chapter Bookstore and Gift-shop on July 15, 2023. Lamar and his incredible cast stole the hearts of both critics and readers, proving that joy can light up life's toughest moments.

🎄 The Tale Continues! Lamar and his friends return in my upcoming creation, The Christmas Lesson: Unwrapping Love and Family. Due to release in time for Thanksgiving on November 22, 2023, this enchanting children's story, inspired by my cherished childhood memories, reminds us that the most cherished gifts reside in our hearts amidst the falling snow and twinkling lights.

📖 Dive In Today! Grab your copy of "Joy Comes" now to immerse yourselves in these lovable characters before unwrapping "The Christmas Lesson." You can grab copies of it anywhere that books are sold. But not only that, you can snag exclusive autographed copies from Next Chapter Bookstore and Gift-shop 🛍️

And hey, let's share the joy! What's your cherished Christmas tradition? Spread the festive spirit by writing me back and sharing your special moments.

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