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Dave and the Borrowers Podcast

Dave and the Borrowers Podcast was started three seasons ago because Randolph County Library was closed due to Covid. David Bare, Teen Services Librarian shared with me that they wanted to continue to promote literacy and community while they were closed hence his colleagues and himself came up with the idea of starting a podcast. The podcast is an open table discussion between librarians and the community. They invite community leaders to provide commentary on history, literacy, current events, librarianship, free speech, diversity, health and a host of other things.

My daughter, Haelee and I were invited to their recording studio in Asheboro, NC (Rhinoleap) so that we could be their first guests of Season 3. We laughed, talked, and laughed some more throughout the recording. We also got to play a part in the editing process prior to production.

You can check it out now on Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Simplecast.

They’re really community oriented so please be sure that you subscribe. But most of all please be sure that you get a library card and donate so that they can create more programs like this.

Which platform will you be listening on?


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