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Having your book on library shelves builds creditability and trustworthiness with readers. It’s the ultimate flex for authors. It’s by no means an easy process especially if your book isn’t published through a traditionally large publishing clearing house but it can be done. Steps to accomplish this include:

  1. Contacting your local library system (E.g. Acquisition Manager, Selection Manager, etc).

  2. Working with a wholesaler (E.g. Baker and Taylor, Ingram Spark, Publishers Group West, etc)

  3. Generating local and national publicity

  4. Getting 4 and 5 Star Professional Reviews (E.g. Booklist, Kirkus, Readers Favorite, Self-Publishing Review, Choice Magazine, etc)

  5. Marketing (E.g. Press Kit, Sells Sheet, etc)

I believed that our message was of local and national importance so I decided to give it a try. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce that Durham County Public Library purchased copies of both The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love and The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold from our wholesaler. They’re available for reservation online via there website which you can do by going here. Once there you will select find materials > Library Catalog > Enter book title or one of our names to search and reserve.

Wale County considered both books for their catalog as well. The collection manager decided to work directly with Haelee and I to procure 10 copies of The Unexpected Journey. He unfortunately declined to add The Rules of a Big Boss however. He proffered that while the book was well written he couldn’t add it due to the fact that it has a workbook component to it. Given that sentiment, he stated that patrons would write in it prior to returning it and that doing so would cause the book to lose its value to everyone involved. We were of course a little disappointed by that particularly given that Durham County agreed to carry The Rules of a Big Boss despite that risk. We didn’t spend much time dwelling on it however because we achieved major milestones nonetheless. That aside, you can reserve a copy of The Unexpected Journey by going here.

These milestones were major because neither Haelee nor I are professional writers. We’re simply people that know how to write thanks largely to our Aunt Tracii’s wicked red pen. But not only that, we’re simply two people that have a value added stories to share with others.

Moving along, I‘ve also submitted our books to Forsyth County, Guilford County, Mecklenburg County, and Orange County Public Libraries for consideration. I did so with the premise that everyone can’t afford to purchase our books, but they can afford a library card. Us doing so will allow our message to be heard across North Carolina and beyond to those that can and can’t afford to purchase a copy. You can help us in this process by going to those respective county websites and asking that they purchase the books for their catalogs. Or better yet, you can ask the library in your area to consider carrying the books.

At any rate, thank you to all of those that have supported us on this journey. We truly love and appreciate each one of you.


Dedrick and Haelee


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