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Create Me 336

Create Me 336 was featured on WFMY 2 News on February 8, 2022. Create Me 336 is a non-profit that’s based out of my hometown of Greensboro, NC. They develop year round programs that inspire children and their families. They have been hosting a series of events entitled Boys & Books Reading & Mentoring. The executive director, Erica Motley hand selected 23 men to read 23 books over 23 boys to the boys that are enrolled in the program. You can read more about Create Me 336 by going here.

Erica’s goal through this initiative is to help spur a love of reading, improve literacy, and to give the boys positive black male representation to look up too. More than 25 students are now on or above reading level as a result of this initiative. She was resultantly recognized on WFMY 2 News for being a community leader and a moment in black history.

But not only that I’m honored and well pleased that she chose me to be one of the 23 men. I will be reading Grandma I Got This and Olufemi Faces His Fears by African American Authors Tara Hill-Starks and Hurbert Davis respectively during my segment at 6:30 PM this evening live on Facebook/Zoom. I would like to thank the authors for giving me clearance to read read their books and I would like to recognize Erica for being a hometown trailblazer.

Those of you that would like to view the original story from WFMY 2 News can do so by going here.


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