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Celebrating Literacy and Diversity at Hillandale Elementary

Hillandale Elementary places an emphasis on reaching every kind of learner. Their commitment towards this was on full display as they celebrated Read Across America Day on March 7, 2024. The day was made memorable by the participation of local diverse authors, to include my daughter, Haelee. Invited by PTA members and dedicated parents, Shuntoya Lee and Rana Davis, Haelee shared her debut children’s book, The Rules of a Little Boss: A book of self love to the audiences delight. It was also read in Spanish and interpreted in sign language by Hillandale staff members. This commitment towards diversity ensured that all children felt included and represented.

Haelee also captivated the audience with a sneak peek of her forthcoming children’s book, Everyday Heroes. Drawing inspiration from her own childhood, Everyday Heroes invites readers on a heartwarming journey of everyday heroism set against the backdrop of Castle Academy. Readers will explore the meaning of heroism, uncover their own heroes, and realize that true bravery takes many forms.

Reading Night wasn't just about the stories, it was a day filled with nostalgia and joy, as Haelee and I enjoyed cookies and milk and sat criss-cross apple sauce on the carpet. I also had the pleasure of playing a friendly game of basketball with a student named Ryder. Despite not playing my best due to having on the wrong shoes, and fatigue, the experience was joyous as it fostered a genuine connection with him and others.

As I reflect on our heartwarming visit, I’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rana, Shuntoya, and the entire team at Hillandale Elementary for their warm welcome. We look forward to our next visit, perhaps to share Everyday Heroes or another inspiring tale.

Here's to many more celebrations of literacy, diversity, and the simple joys of childhood at Hillandale Elementary and all schools across worldwide.

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Mar 26

We had a time!!!

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