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All Things Bright

I know you’ve probably heard of Tameka Bright. She’s been doing her thing on WCCG W104.5 FM for some time now, and she’s always been one of my favorites. But I’m here to tell you that she did something huge on March 18th, 2023. You see, Tameka started the year off by writing a vision and making it plain. Her vision was to launch her own talk show. And that’s exactly what she did. My daughter, Haelee and I had a front row seat to the debut of her show, All Things Bright. It was filmed at the Arts Council of Fayetteville.

The premise is of All Things Bright is to empower, inspire, and inform. It does so or rather will do so through guests who are making a positive impact in their communities and the world around them such as Tiffany Haywood, Felicia Robinson-Llanos, Antoinette Perkins-Bellamy, and of course the host, Tameka, herself. It concluded with a fashion show that was replete with pretty girls and black girl magic. I captured a little bit of it from my own seat. You can check it out by going here. Those of you that would like to see the full experience need to stop by Felicia’s House of Fashion. It’s conveniently located at 2110 Fort Bragg Road Suite 116 in Fayetteville. Ask for Felicia upon entering and tell her that Tameka sent you. As for me and my house, I’ll be planning a trip to take my family for a small shopping spree to Felicia’s.

In the interim please be sure to stay plugged into Tameka and 104.5 during the Mid Day Vibes (10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST). In doing so you’ll be able to find out where All Things Bright will pop up next. And not only that, you’ll get to catch Queen Spotlight: Building Empires, Leaving Legacies. Those of you that live beyond Fayetteville, NC can live stream episodes from your browser by going here. And who knows, you might just catch Haelee on an episode of Mid Day Vibes


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