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Dear Daughter: A Love Story eBook/Audiobook

Dear Daughter: A Love Story eBook/Audiobook

This award winning book is published by The Rules of a Big Boss LLC. It is an expressive story that reveals the author Dedrick L Moone's heart through a series of short love letters to his daughter Haelee. The author wrote this story not only for her but for daughters across the world. He writes it to let you know that he loves each one of you through an extension of Haelee in being a dad. He hopes that it helps to shift the paradigm of black men not taking care of their children especially their daughters.


You can read or listen to this inpisiring story without the wait by purchasing a copy from Apple, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Walmart (Kobo), OverDrive, Authors Direct, and several others by clcking here


You can also purchase it direct by adding it to your cart. A link to download it via pdf will follow after placing your order. 

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