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World Read-A-Loud Day

To lay the groundwork, my personal logo is a lion who walks through the fire. He’s purified in it and comes out gold. The process of purification is outlined in my and my daughters award winning memoir, The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold. You can read more about it by going here.

But this post isn’t about me nor my daughter. It's about Milani Malik-Richardson and Jacqueline Crann. Jacqueline is a children’s book author who does read aloud’s in support of other children’s book authors. She chose to do a read of Let’s Roar by Miliani on December 8, 2021. Let’s Roar is an interactive roaring learning adventure. Children will learn rhyming, emotions, self love, and more...all while enjoying action packed fun! You can read more about Milani by going here.

This book is one of my favorites because my daughter and I roar self-love, perseverance, empowerment, and elevation through out books and products. But not only that it’s one of my favorite read-a-longs. Please enjoy this read-a-long and be certain that you’re following both Jacqueline and Milani.

As a side note, do y’all think that I’ll be able to get Jacqueline to do a read along of my daughter’s children’s book, The Rules of a Little Boss? Those of you that are unfamiliar with this award winning book can find more about it by going here.


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