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Celebrate the Heartwarming Return!

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

My award winning children's book, Joy Comes: A Story of Fatherhood made its heartwarming debut in my hometown of Greensboro, NC, at Next Chapter Bookstore and Gift-shop (Next Chapter) on July 15, 2023. The titular character, Lamar and his cast stole the hearts of both critics and readers, proving that joy can light up life’s toughest moments.

Lamar and his cast return in my latest book, The Christmas Lesson: Unwrapping Love and Family. Inspired by my own childhood memories, The Christmas lesson teaches children that the true spirit of Christmas is family, joy, and love. Literary Titan's Editor in Chief, Thomas Anderson, raved about it in his literary review. Thomas described it as an ideal choice for young children during the holiday season. You can read his full review here.

Mark your calendars for the official launch party at Next Chapter on December 9, 2023, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. The Christmas Lesson set against the backdrop of my hometown, adds to the vibrant community of "local creatives" at Next Chapter, which houses over 70 creatives, including global icons like Tabitha Brown and Will Smith. I invite you to join us as we celebrate the values of gratitude, contentment, and the importance of cherishing love during this festive occasion. I'll also offer exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into The Christmas Lesson and reflect on my other critically acclaimed books.

The Christmas Lesson is the perfect gift for the special young ones in your life. For those unable to attend, copies are available at top booksellers like Books-A-Million, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. You can read more about the launch party by going here. We look forward to celebrating this festive event with you!


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