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The Startup Squad: Holiday Shopping List

The Startup Squad has been featured on Good Morning America (GMA), TedX, and several other forums. Their founder Brian Weisfeld helps girls ages 6-16-years old realize their potential regardless of where their passions lie. You can watch a replay of the GMA interview by going here. Conversely you can watch their TedX Talk by going here.

At any rate, whether beginning her entrepreneurial journey with her first lemonade stand or launching her business on Shark Tank, The Startup Squad inspires young entrepreneurial spirits and helps each and every girl develop important skills that she can apply to every facet of her life. With that being said, they have put together a holiday gift guide for everyone on your list. In doing so, they ask that you consider shopping small girl owned businesses this year and beyond in an effort to support the passions and dreams of girl entrepreneurs. You can peruse the gift guide by clicking here. What's truly amazing about this gift guide is that my daughter, Haelee was chosen as one of their "GIRLS WHO MEAN BUSINESS" in their gift guide. Brian Weisfeld specifically said, "13-year-old Haelee P. Moone wrote her first book, The Rules of a Big Boss: A Book of Self-love, so she could bravely share the trauma she experienced when she was younger. Through her writing, she hopes to help other young girls identify red flags early on and choose to be compassionate towards themselves all the time." How awesome is that not only for Haelee but for all of the young ladies in general?

Moving along, I personally join Brian in asking you to please consider supporting these young ladies while you're doing your Christmas shopping. In saying that I don't ask that you support Haelee perse, I ask that you support at least one young lady on the list to your hearts content.


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