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The Peoples Choice

As shared previously, Sharniece Springs is a full time pre-law student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC). Standing at a svelte 6’0” tall, she’s a professional plus sized model who’s representing Wake County in vying for the crown of Miss North Carolina for award year 2022. Sharniece holds the distinction of having previously been crowned as Miss North Carolina International.

She has made several appearances throughout North Carolina and beyond in promotion of her “Love Your Genes“ Platform. The impetus behind it is to teach young women and women in general about body inclusivity, body diversity, self compassion, and self love. My daughter, Haelee and I had the opportunity to meet her on January 8, 2022. The workshop was facilitated by The Primplife Plan. You can read more about Sharniece and listen to an interview that she did with Sash Says by going here.

Sharniece poured an abundance of love into my daughter, Haelee by teaching her about body positivity and how to command the stage. Sharniece also exchanged numbers with Haelee while sharing that she’s proud of her and that she’d love to be a part of her continued journey particularly should she decide to add modeling and pageantry to her portfolio of accomplishments. Sharniece also confirmed that I DO INDEED STAND AT 6’0” tall.

Peoples Choice Voting is being held now. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the semifinals. You can cast votes for Sharniece by going here. Haelee said, “Sharniece is such an inspiration. I’m glad that i have her phone number and that she’s willing to mentor me.” With that being said, Sharniece certainly has our respective votes. But not only that, we have tickets to the Miss North Carolina Pageant. The pageant will be held from January 28th - 29th in High Point, NC. Those of you who would like to attend like us can secure tickets by going here.

  1. Will you be voting for Sharniece too?

  2. Haelee and I can probably put in a good word for you if you would like Sharniece to appear at one of your empowerment events. Would you like either of us to do so?

Photo Credit: JTranai Photography


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