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The Children’s Book Marketing Podcast

The Children‘s Book Marketing Podcast is hosted by Micaela S. Benn. Michaela is a graduate of Michigan State University and The Ohio State University wherein she specialized in marketing and supply chain management. To be specific, she has an MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain Logistics and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Marketing. Micaela is the founder of The Brand Story Blvd (Recently renamed, The Children‘s Book Marketing Company). She leads a team that provides coaching and services to children’s book authors dedicated to taking control of their branding, content, and marketing operations. The Children’s Book Marketing Podcast is one of the ways that she does this. It teaches self-published children‘s book authors how to use branding to connect with their ideal readers, leverage content to sale more books, and grow a business platform that goes beyond the book.

The Children‘s Book Marketing Podcast just completed Season 1 and I’m thoroughly impressed by it. My sentiments in that regard are predicated upon the fact that it’s informative, collaborative, and fun. I say that in large because the host is very open to delivering content that her audience wants. What I mean in that sense is that she often puts out data calls to ascertain what types of topics that the general populace would like her to talk about or expound upon. She then takes that commentary and creates magic with it in each episode. Now I can’t say that she does for every episode but I’ve definitely seen her do it from following her on social media.

Moving along, while this podcast is centrally marketed towards children’s books authors, it actually speaks to all types of authors at a macro level. There is literally something within each episode for all types of authors. Micaela’s broad reach in that sense is amazing to me particularly given that the podcast has only been in existence for one year now. On that note, I’d give season 1 and her platform 5 ⭐️ ‘s.

With all of that being said and done, I most look forward to what the host brings forward in season two and beyond. I hope that you all will join me there.


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