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Just Like Your Daddy

I had to share post given that I’m working on a book that follows a similar concept. Tiffany Parker, Founder of Grace Co and Kids is of course ahead of me in that they already have their artwork complete and a release date. Please see why you should grab several copies of their upcoming book by reading below.



So excited to share this with the world!

Too many times when hearing, “you’re just like your daddy” it’s a negative connotation associated with it. Especially in our black community. I want to change that, one page at a time. Good daddies DO exist! I hope this helps to encourage other parents to speak LIFE into their children every time they read it.


This book is a love letter filled with affirmations to my son. I want him to know that it can be a good thing to be just like his daddy!

Available on @amazon 10.15. ❤️


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