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Honoring the Journey: A Reflection on Black History Month and the Role of Women’s Organizations

Updated: Mar 26

I had the distinct honor of being the keynote speaker at Excelsior Classical Academy’s Black History Month Festival. My message centered on the theme of resilience and the significance of crafting pivotal moments that shape not just black history, but our collective history. Addressing an audience filled with anticipation, I shared that our generation has failed in numerous ways and that it’s incumbent upon the younger generation to learn our missteps in forging a path to redemption for us all.


The path towards redemption and empowerment is being facilitated by the Raleigh Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (DST) and the Durham Alumni Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority (SGRho). Their initiatives, the GEMs Institute and Rhoers, are efforts to mold young women into leaders of strength, confidence, and respect. The GEMS Institute is dedicated to preparing them to play pivotal roles in their personal success and within the broader community. Similarly, the Rhoers focus on nurturing young women to excel academically, lead with conviction, appreciate the fine arts, and engage actively in community service.


I was moved when Gloria Wilcox and Tamika Gilcrist, Co-Chairs of the DST Gems Institute invited my daughter, Haelee to participate as a panelist in their event, "I Am Woman: Embracing and Empowering One Another," scheduled for March 17, 2024. This event aims to unite women who have carved out niches for themselves and others in their professional spheres, offering inspiration and insight into the heights that can be achieved.


What’s more, Wendy Bivins Rhoer Advisor, extended an opportunity for Haelee to contribute as a facilitator and guest speaker at their upcoming Youth Symposium. This event promises to be a transformative experience for children aged 9 to 18, as they engage in critical dialogues on bullying and mental health and envision a brighter future through a vision board party. Set to take place on March 24, 2024, at Durham Urban Ministries, the symposium is a testament to the commitment of these organizations to our youth's well-being and development. This event is free and open to the public. Those of you that would like to attend can register for the Youth Symposium by going here.

My aim in sharing all of this is to highlight the remarkable work of the women of DST and SGRho. Their dedication to nurturing the potential of our future generations is worthy of celebration, especially during Women's History Month. Their collective efforts remind us that the seeds we plant today in the hearts and minds of our young women and children will blossom into the fruits of tomorrow. Happy Women’s History Month everyone.



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