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Haelee’s First Photo/Productshoot

Haelee has been through a lot in life to only be 13-years-old. Those things caused her to lose the innocence of her smile. It’s difficult for me to trust others with her as a result of those traumas. It’s a part of why I’m very much reclusive.


Jasmine Jones (Jasmine J), founder, The Primplife Plan interviewed her several weeks ago as part of her Behind the Inspo Series. There was an instant connection between them in that they both fell in love with one another’s energy. Jasmine J asked me had I ever taken her for a photo/productshoot and I said no. She told me that she would set one up for her with her friend Jasmine Rhoades (Jasmine R) and that I’d need to come to my hometown to facilitate it.


Haelee had an outstanding time during and after her photoshoot with 400 plus photos, lunch, conversation, laughter, and shopping. Who knew that the cure for her smile was a trip to my hometown and a big sister?


I can’t begin to thank Jasmine J and Jasmine R enough for what they’ve done for her and I in primping her life. But most of all, grace be unto God for connecting us all and letting me know that the time was up on my mission in the DC Area and that it was time to go back home to the Tar Heel State for good. •••

You can see some of our favorite photos below.


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