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Five Stars From Literary Titan

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Hugues F Batsielilit again in publishing his third book, COVID-19 AFRICA, HAITI, AND THE U. S. VIRGIN ISLANDS. We submitted it for Literary Review with Literary Titan and received 5 ⭐️’s In doing so. They provided, “The one thing you will note about this book is the detail with which this book is written. The author is direct and provides all the information to his readers. He makes sure that readers have the full story and the data to fully grasp what he is discussing. This combined with in-depth research leads to the revelation of interesting discoveries. Not all the discoveries he found were beneficial, he uncovered a lot of conspiracy theories and discusses those as well in order to debunk the myth for readers.” (Thomas Anderson, Editor in Chief, Literary Titan). You can read their review in its entirety by going here.

But most of all, I’d like to thank him for entrusting my daughters company to help him publish once again. As a dad, I want her to succeed in places where I failed and to exceed in places where I succeeded. Given that sentiment it truly meant and means the world to me that Dr. Batsielilit sees my vision. He’s a girl dad in his own right.

Those of you who would like to support Dr. Batsielilit can do so by purchasing a copy of his book COVID-19 AFRICA, HAITI, AND THE U. S. VIRGIN ISLANDS by going here. Or better yet, you can make a tax deductible donation to his 501c3 non-profit ICAN. ICAN enhances health promotion and awareness in rural and urban areas, by donating health equipment, improve the birth survival rates and welfare of African women, children, and families. You can read more about ICAN and what they’re doing in the global community by going here.


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