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Ensuring Sustainability for Low Income People

Despite the impressive growth recorded in recent years, Africa is still home to widespread uneven distribution of income. As of today, many African countries continue to harbor great disparities, inequalities, and poverty. This results in millions of individuals being provided with little to no adequate housing. Arising from these basic human needs are unsanitary facilities, unclean streets, and unclean water sources.

Founded in the state of Alabama in the United States by its founding president, Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit, the organization, International Consulting Aid Network (ICAN) is dedicated to activities aimed at helping the poor and improving their living conditions within the African continent.

Based on the belief that decent housing can provide an avenue out of poverty, the self-funded humanitarian organization, the International Consulting Aid Network (ICAN), and its president and founder, Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit, initiated an affordable housing construction project in Adetikope, Togo, less than 6 years after donating two furnished houses in the quarters of Ngwainkuna in the northwest of Cameroon.

Spread across large acres, Adetikope’s habitat project will comprise 20-bedroom apartments. Each unit will consist of one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a veranda. The goal of ICAN is to finalize this housing construction project, estimated to cost $200,000 USD ($121,175,060 CFA franc ) by the end of 2025.

Dr. Batsielilit stressed that "this gesture of building single-family apartments expresses his vision of providing poor and low-income families with houses that they can call their own, a place where they can live with dignity and have a better quality of life. A necessity he fully understands having seen such circumstances firsthand in many African countries.He further provided that the housing project will extend to other African countries as selected by the organization’s board. This coincides with ICAN's overarching goal to build more than 100 apartments over a 10 year period. And The Rules of a Big Boss LLC is proud to continue our partnership with them.


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