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🧐 Can You Guess Our Favorite Cartoon 🧐

Welcome to another behind the scenes look at one of the illustrations in my soon to be released children’s book, Dear Daughter: A Love Story. As shared previously it’s an expressive story that reveals my heart through a series of short love letters to my daughter Haelee, The Rules of a Big Boss LLC. While I’m the author it’s very much a joint project in that she’s the editor and her company is the publisher.


As previously shared, I wrote this story not only for her but for daughters around the 🌌 This particular scene speaks to one of the things that we did each weekend which was to watch cartoons and goof off together. Can any of you guess what our favorite cartoon was?


As an added bonus I will be reading a snippet of this book during the BCALA - The Black Caucus of the American Library Association Read-a-Thon on November 30, 2021. I would like to thank Richard E Ashby Jr of Literacy Nation and FOR STO-Rox Library for affording me the opportunity. I would also like to thank Keisha Christian and Dr. Vanessa Raynor for sponsoring, believing in, and trusting me.


And finally thank you Next Chapter Bookstore Gift Shop, StylzPlus, and Pishon Havilah Giftshop for reserving space on the shelves of your establishments in anticipation of my books release. Please be sure to check them out and follow them so you can grab a copy before Christmas.

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Activity Author
Activity Author
Nov 27, 2021

So exciting! I love this image also!

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