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I’m only in Chapter 6 of Will given that I just started reading it yesterday morning. While that’s the case I’m totally blown away by Will Smiths (The Fresh Prince) ability to tell stories. This book is a work of cinematic genius from its cover to its interior. What I’m saying here is that while I’ve only read at most 20% of the book, it’s by far one of the best that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

I won’t do as others have done in sharing spoilers but I will say that I appreciate the special relationship that he had with his GiGi. That hit home for me because I had a similar relationship with my Granny. My relationship with mine was probably stronger given that mine raised me however.

All of that being said, it was $30 well spent and that I’m so glad that Next Chapter Bookstore and Giftshop sat aside a copy for me to grab on the day of my and my daughters book reading and signing. I pray that someone will be able to say the same things about she and I when I give her the keys to my full story. In doing so she will be the author of my already titled autobiography, our autobiography. I won’t be sharing the name with the public any time soon so please don’t ask. With that being the case, The Fresh Prince wins the title of the best autobiography in my heart until my daughter and I publish.

Moving along please make sure that you stop by Ben’s Boyz located at 2711 Grandview Ave, Greensboro, NC 27408 where their motto is love, comfort, and food for your literary and culinary needs. They provide best in class books, artwork, and soul food for African Americans in a family friendly atmosphere. Please note that when I say family I mean that given that it’s family owned and operated. Not only that but they treat each author, artist, vendor, and customer as a member of said family. I mean I should know given that I’m all of those things. Please ask for Sherricka while there and tell her that I sent you for an added smile. I mean who knows you might just see my daughter and there one day one day. Or better yet, maybe you’ll see The Fresh Prince there that is if you like consolation prizes. The choice is yours….


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