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Surprising Triumph: Embracing Unexpected Leadership Roles with Humility

I’m thrilled to share that my fellow Toastmasters have honored me with an incredible surprise! Not only was I nominated for 1 leadership role, but 3 prestigious positions within our esteemed community. I was nominated for the roles of Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR), Vice President of Membership (VPM), and Sergeant at Arms. What's truly remarkable is that I didn't actively campaign or pursue any of these positions.

But here's where it gets even more shocking, my Toastmasters family and the leadership council are well aware of my personal struggles with anxiety and panic disorder. Despite those challenges, they looked beyond them and recognized my unique ability to speak with conviction, humor, authority, sincerity, and humility. It's a testament to their understanding and unwavering belief in my ability.

Now, brace yourself for an unexpected twist. Picture me, completely unaware of the whirlwind transpiring in the background while enjoying a much needed vacation. It just so happened that I logged in for a brief moment to update my calendar, and there they were, 3 surprise nominations awaiting me. While I hadn't actively sought additional responsibilities, I proudly accepted the nomination as the VPPR. As the VPPR, I will be responsible for establishing and maintaining communication channels between the club and its members, as well as with the wider public. Additionally, I'll have the privilege of safeguarding the brand as an integral member of the leadership team.

Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling journey, and let's embark on this new chapter together!


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