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Toastmasters Visits Blue Cross Blue Shield

Did you know that my Dad is a Toastmaster? Did you know that Toastmasters is a nonprofit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills. It does so through a worldwide network domestic and foreign clubs. It’s a place for members to improve their communication and leadership skills. You can read more about them by going here.

My dad had to deliver a speech in front of 160 people at Blue Cross Blue Shield yesterday. In his speech he had to share why it was important to be a Toastmaster. The funny thing is that he only had two minutes to do it and he’s incredibly long winded. But not only that, he always goes off script and changes things at the last minute. He's charismatic and funny at times so it works. I mean everyone including me enjoyed his speech. You can watch a replay of it by by going here.

I got to tag alone since he’s a member. I had so much fun touring the campus and hanging out with my dad and his co-members. I got to participate by delivering an impromptu speech too. I can’t join his club because it’s private but they gave me a pin and made me an honorary member anyway. You can watch my speech by going here.

Are you a member of Toastmasters or any other professional organizations? Let me know by writing me back.


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