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The Pretty Way

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Pretty Women Hustle is a Platform for every woman. They are dedicated to Promoting and Highlighting women doing extraordinary things in Business and Faith. They aim to serve as your Go-To for finding out who is excelling in Life and Business. They feature women owned businesses from all walks of Life. Their goal is to impact the Lives of readers one Feature at a time,"The Pretty Way."

They‘re running a campaign called 100 Authors in 100 Days. Jakia Cheatham-Myles, CEO Pretty Women Hustle ran across my story and reached out to my Dad and I. She asked if I wanted to be featured as one of those 100 authors. I said, “Yaaaaassss big sis.” We talked about my book, what inspired me to write it, how I came about my title, and what’s next up for me. You can read about it here.

We also talked about my clothing line and what inspired it. The coolest part of all is that they invited me to do a photo shoot. The photos from my shoot are available on Pretty Women’ Hustles Facebook and Instagram pages. They’ll also be displayed in ad in the September issue of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine.

A big thanks to them for letting me be featured and for this amazing experience.


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